• Is it worth paying $375 for the DOL Hearing?

    Yes. Even though your chances of success are slim (see previous post) it is always worth requesting a Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing. You just never know what may happen. Worst case is you get a preview of the prosecutors case and often way before the DUI criminal case is filed. I use the hearing for discovery proposes. In other words, to try to find out as much about the client’s DUI case as possible. (review the police report, breath test evidence, talk to witnesses etc.)

  • What are my chances of success in the DUI DOL Hearing?

    Roughly 1 in 4. Twenty-five (25%) or so. Obviously, this varies somewhat depending on the Department of Licensing (DOL) Hearing Officer.

  • Are DUI roadblocks allowed in Washington State?

    No. Unlike many other States, DUI roadblocks are illegal in Washington State. A law enforcement officer must have probable cause to stop your vehicle.

  • Can I have two DOL Hearings?

    Yes. If you refused the breath test at the police station and a blood draw was taken per a warrant – it is possible to have two (2) Department of Licensing (DOL) Hearings. It will probably become more commonplace in any case with a refusal and a blood draw.

  • Will I be able to Drive with a DUI?

    Yes. You will always be able to get a restricted license – Ignition Interlock License – even with a DUI conviction or if you lose your license through the DOL Hearing implied consent procedure.

  • How many years do I have to wait to vacate a Felony?

    If it is an eligible Felony, for example not Class A or violent offense etc. (complete list to come) – Class C is a 5 year wait from the date of discharge.  Class B is a 10 year wait from date of discharge. More later on what and when the date of discharge is for vacate purposes.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Felonies I can vacate?

    No. Unlike misdemeanors, there is not a limit to the number of felonies you can vacate. As long as it is an eligible felony and you have met the time and other requirements. Kotlowski Law Office PLLC offers a free consultation to determine whether you are eligible.

  • What’s a good result for a DUI?

    It really depends on your case. Sometimes a reduction to DUI “No Test” or below .15 will be a good result. A very good non-DUI resolution is Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the First Degree. You should make sure you retain a DUI attorney that is experienced and knows what a good resolution is based on the facts of “your” case. Don’t compare yourself to others or what you hear. Every case is unique.

  • How many years am I on probation for a DUI?

    5 years is the typical probation time for DUI. In rare cases, some judges will lower this time period on first offense DUI’s.

  • Do DUI attorneys offer payment plans?

    Yes. Kotlowski Law Office PLLC offers monthly payments plan options. We typically require an initial down payment and then the client can make monthly payments over the course of their DUI case.