• What’s the maximum jail sentence on a Washington State DUI?

    364 days. Unless, it is a felony (5th in 10 years). With a 1/3 off for good time – about 8 months. That is the maximum jail time a Judge can impose on you for violations of the Court’s DUI conditions. Obviously, depending on the offense level there may be mandatory minimums on your DUI case. You may also be eligible for work release.

  • Will a Fourth DUI be a felony in Washington State?

    Maybe soon. Current Washington State law is that a fifth DUI within 10 years is a felony. There was a proposal the 2015 legistative session to make a ‘fourth DUI a felony, but it failed. See story http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Bill-would-make-4th-offense-DUI-a-felony-in-Wash-state-289354051.html

  • How do I check whether I have a valid license?

    The Washington State Department of Licensing has an online real-time service that allows you to check the status of your drivers license anytime. See link: Check my driver license status

  • DUI Attorney Fee – Payment Plans are Available

    Kotlowski Law Office PLLC offers very flexible down payments and monthly payment plans for your DUI attorney fee. Down payments may start as low as $1000.00 if you are eligible . Ty pical monthly payments range from $300.00 to $600.00. See Online Case Evaluation or simply call and/or text 24 hours a day to (206) 335-2422 to schedule a free consultation with James Kotlowski. If not answered immediately, our office will return your text/call/and/or email as soon as we can.

  • What is Day Reporting in Seattle Municipal?

    Day reporting is basically an alternative to Jail for people who do not have the money to post bail, or who have had a poor history of compliance with the Court’s Conditions. (i.e. no consumption alcohol, not doing treatment, not reporting to probation etc.) This allows defendants to report daily to Seattle Municipal’s D ay Reporting Program (2nd floor of Justice Center) until their court case or sentence is complete. While on day reporting, they can also go about their daily routine of work, treatment or whatnot. In all DUI cases, you will be given a breath test when you report. Day reporting is Monday-Friday. Typically, these are repeat offender DUI cases.

  • Warrant – how do I set a hearing without being arrested in Seattle Municipal Court?

    In Seattle Municipal Court if the Warrant amount is less than $10,000.00 you can go to the first floor of the Seattle Justice Center, 600 Fifth Ave and set a hearing. (you will see clerk windows after security on right) You will not usually be taken into custody by the Court. However, the bench warrant will stay in place until the warrant quash hearing is held. If the Judge made the warrant pr’able (will say ” no PR” if applicable) the court clerk can just quash (cancel) it at the window and set the next hearing for your case. (what type of hearing – {arraignment, pre-trial, sentencing, review/revocation} will depend on what stage of the case you were at when you missed your Court appearance) Obviously, the above information is subject to change at any time without notice.

  • How do I quash a warrant in King County District Court?

    Remember, every Court has a different procedure for quashing warrants. See link for King County instructions for each Courthouse. (Auburn, Bellevue, Burien, Issaquah, MRJC, Redmond, Seattle, Shoreline Courthouses) Warrant Procedure – King County District Court

    My office assists clients quashing warrants and getting their cases back on track and resolved. Call, text (206) 335-2422 or email james@duiseattle.com for a free consultation. We charge reasonable rates and offer flexible payment plans. We offer reduced rates for those who qualify for a public defender – but would like a private DUI attorney.

  • How long can fines be collected on a felony in Washington?

    Forever. If your conviction is after July 1, 2000, your fines, court costs, interest etc. called Legal Financial Obligations or LFO’s can be collected for perpetuity. It is outrageous in my opinion and places an undue burden on defendants who have served their time. LFO’s grow at 12% annually. Fortunately, it appears the Courts in Washington must now consider your ability to pay and are waiving at least some of the LFO’s and interest if indigent. See this blog for more i nfo.

  • Will “no consumption” of alcohol be a condition of my release?

    Probably. It really depends on the Court. That said, most but not all, district and municipal judges in the Seattle area are imposing it as a condition of release – even on 1st offense DUI’s. Your attorney can always object to no consumption as a condition. However, if you do, I would suggest having at least the alcohol/drug evaluation and any recommendation completed. (i.e. ADIS/Victims Panel)

  • Is the new breath test machine in Seattle?

    Not yet. See Seattle Times Story of the Washington State Patrol (WSP) Breath Test Machine upgrade. It has been in the works for quite awhile. BAC Upgrade The new breath test machine Dräger Alcotest 9510 is so far in Island Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom counties. At a cost of $9,500.00 a piece we will finally leave behind 1980-1990’s technology. Whether it is more trustworthy – only time will tell. I can imagine the WSP would like to get the kinks worked out before entering the largest county. Although, I expect it will come to King County within a year or two.

    Dräger Alcotest® 9510

    Dräger Alcotest® 9510