• What is the minimum treatment with a DUI?

    Every DUI conviction or reduction (Negligent Driving or Reckless Driving) will require at the minimum an Alcohol Drug evaluation, 8-hour Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS) and 2-hour DUI Victims Panel. The minimum would only apply if the evaluator finds you have – no significant problem (NSP) with drugs or alcohol.

  • What’s a good result for a DUI?

    It really depends on your case. Sometimes a reduction to DUI “No Test” or below .15 will be a good result. A very good non-DUI resolution is Reckless Driving or Negligent Driving in the First Degree. You should make sure you retain a DUI attorney that is experienced and knows what a good resolution is based on the facts of “your” case. Don’t compare yourself to others or what you hear. Every case is unique.

  • How many years am I on probation for a DUI?

    5 years is the typical probation time for DUI. In rare cases, some judges will lower this time period on first offense DUI’s.

  • How long do I have to wait to vacate a Reckless Driving?

    Most Courts in Washington State will require you to wait ten (10) years from the “date” of arrest for the original DUI or Physical Control charge.

  • Is a “plea bargain” a good resolution for my DUI case?

    Yes, most of the time. (especially these days) However, it ultimately depends on your case and the specific f acts. A plea bargain is where your Washington State DUI attorney, after reviewing all the evidence (police reports, blood/breath test records etc.) and fully investigating your case (interviewing officers/witnesses etc.) comes to an agreement with the State and/or City Prosecutor on amending or reducing your DUI or Physical Control charges. Most often, this happens at the DUI pre-trial hearing, but can happen any time in the proceedings – even right before the jury trial itself.

  • Who do you recommend for Alchol Drug Information School (ADIS)?

    I usually recommend a couple of places for Alcohol Drug Information School (ADIS) and DUI Victims Panel. A DUI Victim’s Panel will always be required with your case. The ADIS is the very minimum treatment requirement. They can usually be completed together on a Saturday. North Star Group in Renton ( North Star Treatment Group ) and Assessment & Treatment Associates ( Assessment & Treatment Associates ) which has several locations in the Seattle Metro area.

  • What’s the “minimum” treatment requirement on my DUI case?

    The very minimum alcohol/drug treatment required in every DUI case – whether reduced/amended or not – is the 8-hour alcohol drug information school (ADIS) and the 1-2 hour DUI Victim’s panel. An alcohol/drug evaluation is also required with every DUI case.

  • How soon will I have to report to Jail on a DUI conviction?

    Typically, the Court will give you thirty (30) days at the Sentencing Hearing to report to Jail. However, if you need longer and have a good enough reason the Court may grant a longer period. You will not usually be taken into custody – unless you have a history – of non-compliance with the Court’s conditions.

  • How long can I expect to be on probation for a DUI conviction?

    Up to five years. Most Washington State Judges will impose the “full” five years (60 months), although occasionally I have seen Judges on 1st offense DUI’s impose only 2-3 years. However, this is the exception and not the norm.

  • Why was a Court Hearing set in my old DUI case?

    Generally, it is when you violate the conditions of your DUI or Physical Control probation. The same would apply even if you received a reduction to Reckless or Negligent Driving. The sentencing Court will set conditions of your probation such as the following at Sentencing:

    Complete an alcohol/drug evaluation and follow recommendation, pay all Court fines and costs, report to probation, not drive a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance, no driving with breath or blood alcohol concentration of .08 or greater, no refusal of alcohol test of breath or blood upon reasonable request of a law enforcement, no new criminal violations of law, no alcohol or drug related infractions and Ignition interlock device requirements per DOL.

    The most common DUI probation violations: new criminal law violations, failure to do treatment, failure to do victims panel, failure to report to probation, driving without a valid license/insurance and positive UA’s, among many others.

    You should always consult with a DUI attorney before going to the Court Hearing. It is usually a good idea to have an attorney with you.