• Can I convert my mandatory minimum EHM time to Jail?

    Yes. Mandatory minimum EHM (electronic home monitoring) time can be converted to Jail in most cases. The ratio is 15 EHM days to 1 day jail. However, it is discretionary and some judges might prefer the EHM in repeat DUI cases.

  • Can I convert my mandatory EHM to Jail?

    Yes. If you have been sentenced for a second or subsequent DUI and have mandatory minimum s on Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) – you can ask the Court to have it converted to Jail time. The law allows a 15 days EHM: 1 day Jail conversion. Although completely at the discretion of the Court and Judge on whether to grant this request, it is commonly granted. Alot of clients just prefer the jail because of the time and cost of EHM.