• How long is SR-22 required on my DUI arrest?

    SR-22 insurance is required for 3-years on a DUI administrative suspension and/or revocation or as a result of a DUI, Physical Control or Reckless Driving conviction. To avoid SR-22 insurance you would have to be successful at the Department of Licensing (DOL) administrative appeal hearing and have the DUI charge either dismissed or reduced to negligent driving or reckless endangerment. The only other exception would be if you entered a deferred prosecution and you did not refuse the breath test or were successful at the hearing.

  • Will I need “SR-22 Insurance” with a Negligent driving first degree conviction?

    No. A reduction of your DUI charge to Negligent Driving First Degree does not require SR-22 Insurance. However, SR-22 insurance will still be required – if you did not win the accompanying Civil Administrative Department of Licensing (DOL) Hearing.

  • Can I get SR-22 insurance without a vehicle?

    Yes. You can get a non-owner SR-22 Insurance policy or AKA “broad form” that allows you to drive different vehicles, if you have a 3-year SR-22 requirement because of a DUI related suspension – but no vehicle. See link to Vern Fonk Insurance for more information. SR-22 Info .

  • Does a Deferred Prosecution require SR-22 insurance?

    No. If you enter a deferred prosecution SR-22 will not be required. This can result in substantial savings in insurance premiums. However, there is one important exception – if you refused the breath test – and lost the Department of Licensing Administrative Hearing – SR-22 insurance will be still be required for at least three (3) years . You will also have to obtain an ignition interlock license if you want to drive during the period of revocation.

  • How long do I have to have SR-22 Insurance?

    SR-22 (high risk) Insurance is required for three (3) years on a DUI, Physical Control or Reckless Driving conviction. It is also required for three (3) years on the Administrative suspension. (if your license is suspended or revoked on the administrative side)