• Where do City of Seattle defendants do their jail time?

    In 2016 if your case is in Seattle Municipal Court you will serve your time in Snohomish County Jail. This applies after sentencing and not pre-trial. You can always ask for an alternate jail at your expense if you have only a few days to serve.

  • When will I have to report to Jail in my DUI case?

    If you have been sentenced for a DUI or Physical Control, Reckless or Negligent Driving – most Courts will give you 30 days to report to Jail or Work Release if authorized. You will be given a specific date which you must report by. You can always report early if you so choose. Nearly all Courts will do a status or Jail check to make sure you have completed the Jail or reported in a timely manner.

  • Can I convert my mandatory EHM to Jail?

    Yes. If you have been sentenced for a second or subsequent DUI and have mandatory minimum s on Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) – you can ask the Court to have it converted to Jail time. The law allows a 15 days EHM: 1 day Jail conversion. Although completely at the discretion of the Court and Judge on whether to grant this request, it is commonly granted. Alot of clients just prefer the jail because of the time and cost of EHM.

  • How soon will I have to report to Jail on a DUI conviction?

    Typically, the Court will give you thirty (30) days at the Sentencing Hearing to report to Jail. However, if you need longer and have a good enough reason the Court may grant a longer period. You will not usually be taken into custody – unless you have a history – of non-compliance with the Court’s conditions.