• Is a “plea bargain” a good resolution for my DUI case?

    Yes, most of the time. (especially these days) However, it ultimately depends on your case and the specific f acts. A plea bargain is where your Washington State DUI attorney, after reviewing all the evidence (police reports, blood/breath test records etc.) and fully investigating your case (interviewing officers/witnesses etc.) comes to an agreement with the State and/or City Prosecutor on amending or reducing your DUI or Physical Control charges. Most often, this happens at the DUI pre-trial hearing, but can happen any time in the proceedings – even right before the jury trial itself.

  • What are common DUI reductions in Washington?

    Common DUI reductions (from DUI or Physical) cases are Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving and less common Reckless Endangerment. Frankly, the negotiating environment these days is very difficult and the key to getting a reduction or (plea bargain) is having an experienced DUI attorney working on your DUI case.