Why does my DUI case keep getting continued or postponed?

This is a common client question. Typically, I will have 3-6 DUI pre-trial hearings continuances or postponements in every DUI case. You show up at Court and sign a speedy trial waiver and receive a Court date. You will appear before the Judge for a only few minutes and he/she will typically ask you if you understand the speedy trial waiver you signed and reviewed with your attorney. The Courtroom Clerk will then give you a new court date. (typically 30-60 days depending on the Court).

There are many reasons for setting it over by your DUI attorney. Including interviewing lay witnesses, interviewing officers or troopers, visiting the scene of the DUI arrest and/or field sobriety tests, reviewing the breath test or blood records, reviewing client medical/mental health records, reviewing client vehicle records, requesting/reviewing other DUI reports from officer, reviewing the in-car/breath test room videos, taking photographs of the arrest scene or FST locations, reviewing the police report/videos with client, securing a breath test and negotiating with the prosecutor – among many others.