DUI Probation Violations – What is a Review or Show Cause Hearing?

A Review/Revocation or Show Cause Hearing (courts vary in what they call hearing) is set when you do not comply with the terms of your probation. (a probation violation) For example, you were ordered to get an alcohol/drug evaluation and follow the treatment recommendation; you complete the evaluation but drop out of treatment; you do not complete the DUI Victims Panel; you do not do your work crew etc. The Court will order a Show Cause or Review/Revocation Hearing for you to explain what happened. You can deny violation present evidence and argument that you are in compliance.

You can admit with explanation . If you admit or are found by the Court to have committed the violation (after denying it) the Court may impose Sanctions. The Sanctions may include revoking any Jail or Fines that were suspended. (For example, the Court revokes 2 days jail and $200 of the fines and orders you to get back into treatment.) The Court will also in most cases order you back to Probation if you were on active probation. (see this blog for difference) It is a good idea to have an attorney at the hearing – expecially if you are in violaiton.