Should I enter a Deferred Prosecution on a 1st offense DUI?

Probably not. Usually, I would recommend against entering a deferred prosecution on a first offense DUI. In Washington State you get one opportunity to do a deferred prosecution in your lifetime. However, there are exceptions, many clients have little choice because of personal, career or employment considerations. I have had doctors, lawyers, executives, police officers and other professionals enter into a deferred prosecution on a first offense, especially when a DUI conviction was not an acceptable option. Often, with these clients, a reduction even to reckless or negligent driving first degree is still an unsatisfactory resolution. I also do not like a deferred prosecution because like a DUI conviction it has a five year probationary period - whereas reckless and negligent driving the maximum probationary time period is two years. Obviously, you must still meet the eligibility requirements of a deferred prosecution. That said, every person's situation is unique and you should consult with a DUI attorney to find the best option for you.

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